Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 16 = Committed

How was your character yesterday? What did you notice about yourself?

I noticed some things that I don't like about myself too much. Unattractive things. As hard (and humbling) as they are to blog about, I believe it will help me manage them.

First: I talk too much about what I do regarding my training to other athletes. I need to stop this. We all train hard. We are all tired. Why should I let them know my volume and what I do in a week? It's my training program, and I have to deal with it as is. Period. In this way, I can remain the "dark horse" and simply work on my training. Training is a personal thing for me right now and I should treat it as such (unless I'm asked about it of course!)

Second: I think I complain too much. It could be my current situation, but I have been talking a lot of negativity lately. This is hard for me to manage because I'm really good at bitching, and people like to do what they are good at, but I need to just focus and speak of the positive and deal with any negative b-s internally. Other people don't want to hear about it (or they just don't give a shit).

Hmm...I'm already complaining and being negative. Told you it would be hard for me.

Day 16= Committed. It takes commitment to reach your goals and dreams!

Keep on keeping on.
Stay strong.
Be the little engine that might.
It all takes commitment.

Many good things in life (albeit most of them) require commitment.
I'm talking about personal commitment here, not commitments to outside sources or influences- commitment to yourself, your person, what really matters to you.

It takes strength, overcoming fear at times, and going to uncomfortable places. However, when you maintain commitment towards yourself and your goals, how could you ever fail.

Training today (because I feel like I should list it somewhere....don't judge me)
(am) swimming at 'NOVA, about 5600 yards
(pm) 6 mile tempo run through the hills and big houses of Bryn Mawr

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