Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 15 = Character

Sorry for my absence over the past few days.
I do have an excuse for it all. Briefly: my life turned to crappola all last week, my car was nearly totaled thanks to a careless driver who rear-ended me, my tri bike was in my trunk when I was rear ended, people in Philly can be straight up ass holes, I raced my first tri over 2 hrs away, Rob's car died too (sympathy pain?) and things continued to decline for me personally.

That being said: This is a new week, my car is being fixed, my tri bike that was in my car will be included in insurance, I got 2nd place in my age-group (by only 40 seconds!!) and I have a good support system to help me through "rough patches." So, things are looking up.

Day 15 = Character
Show your true colors through your character.

I think attitude has a lot to do with character. Maintaining a constant state of self, being self-aware, and knowing who you are all help to build a strong, stable, confident character.
I'd like to think that I'm fairly consistent with my character (fem. mood swings included) even if my character happens to have some flaws. After all, I'm only human.

Take a look at your character today. Do you like what it has to offer? What about it is special and unique to only you? Is there an aspect you'd like to change or manage differently? What do you find attractive or admirable in the characters of others and how can you emulate that?

Training today:
(am) 1.5 hr bike with Sara (25 miles easy pace)
(pm) track workout with BMRC
I should do abs, like actually do them instead of just writing it here in my blog!

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