Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 14 = Beautiful

Savoring was good to focus on. It has been a while since I told my brain to "hey! stop and slow down! What are all of my senses picking up on here?"
It was really nice, albeit difficult. Anyone that knows me knows that me slowing down or being "patient" is asking a lot. However, with some heightened awareness and sensitivity even my hyper-warp speed can be reduced (slightly and if only momentarily).

Day 14 = Beautiful
I am beautiful and today I will appreciate my beauty, both inner and outer.
Cue Christina Augerlia song...

This is really an issue that hits home for me.
As hard as it is to mention, I really really struggle with a poor self image (body image) and it's been a battle my whole life. I'm not sure if this is largely female in nature (thanks US media crrrap) or not, but I know it's been a struggle for me for as long as I can remember.

The funny thing is that I have an identical twin sister- Heidi.
Although Heidi and I share the same DNA (freaky!) she is pretty much my opposite in many ways: From her love of late nights and cigarettes, to loathing workouts and sweat, we have many polar opposites, including body image.

I will put on a pair of pants that fit sung..OK, they are ass-hugging tight. I'll look at myself in the dressing room mirror and refuse to come out. Heidi, with the same pants on, will say "damn these are tight. They make my ass look really good! I mean, I wont be able to sit down or whatever, but damn! look at my ass! Purchase!"

WTF? Why can't I be like that? Why can't I just say "F" you all, I'm getting some tight pants.
I digress.....

That's why its so important to feel beautiful from the inside out. Take note of what makes you beautiful and cherish it. Although you may not like body part x,y,z, I'm sure someone else loves it!

Training today:
Morning with with 'Nova Masters @ 6am - an AWESOME 5100 yards. Kick-ass!
Afternoon 6 miler with BMRC through the hills of Bryn Mawr.
PLYOMETRICS!! And abs abs abs...I need to build my muscle strength here

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