Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 13 = Savor

As a short recap from yesterday...
Consistency is so important.
However, when consistency cannot be maintained, for whatever reason, savor it.
We are only human and growth opportunities can come from many situations and circumstances.
If it's consistency that you crave, do what you can to insure it, but also be mindful to embrace the opportunities inherent in chance when consistency is lost.

Day 13 = Savor
Today, savor with all our senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.
When is the last time you truly savored an experience with all of your senses?
This can even be during a work out today, if you have one planned.
Imagine savoring your body, your ability, and the momentum you create during your workout.
Savor the satisfaction that comes with pushing your body and expanding your mind.

We should all find great satisfaction is savoring with our senses today.

Training today:
45 min spin + 30 mins hot asana yoga (I LOVE this)
1 hour track workout with BMRC @ 6pm (unless it rains! then it will be a 4pm run)
30 mins spinning at home and maybe some ab work

Side experiment I want to share:
I have decided to wear my Heart Rate Monitor (Polar RS300) for a straight 24 hours, just to see what my total energy expenditure is really like over a 24 hour period. I will do this twice, to get an average. Isn't that supposed to make it more scientific?

Current Stats:
22 hours into test #1
Total calories burned = 3240
Current HR = 55

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