Friday, October 31, 2008

10k for time...this weekend!

My "first" 10k (for time) is this weekend and it should be a good one.
The weather is cooler and that means faster running! (i.e., I can't feel my feet!).
I'm excited to run and I think that my training has been spot on for the past 4 weeks - thanks coach!.

I have actually tapered back the swimming and biking this week to focus more on the running and I feel as though it will pay off big. My goal is a top 5 age-group finish.
Fingers crossed everyone!

Ironman calories...what a way to burn!

Based on a triathlete who weighs 140 lbs (10 stone)
This all depends on the size of the triathlete so calorie requirements can vary considerably by up to -/+ 20%.
Swimming 3.8km
Estimated finish time 55 minutes - 495 calories
Estimated finish time 60 minutes - 540 calories
Estimated finish time 75 minutes - 675 calories
Cycling 180 km
Estimated finish time 5 hours 10 minutes (22mph) – 5,580 calories
Estimated finish time 5 hours 36 minutes (20mph) - 5,376 calories
Estimated finish time 6 hours 40 minutes (17mph) – 5,200 calories
Estimated finish time 7 hours 45 minutes (15mph) – 4,650 calories
Marathon 26.2 miles
Estimated finish time 3 hours 15 minutes – 3,120 calories
Estimated finish time 3 hours 45 minutes - 2,900 calories
Estimated finish time 4 hours - 2,800 calories
Estimated finish time 4 hours 30 minutes - 2,700 calories
Estimated finish time 5 hours - 2,600 calories
Things to consider.
The following will affect the number of calories that are used.
During an Ironman triathlon marathon 26.2 miles your calorie requirements will depend not just on the distance but the speed and your efficiency during the last section of the triathlon. If you are tired you run slower and as your form becomes inefficient you sue up more calories to allow you to move forward. In theory you need the same number of calories to run each mile. Running faster however requires more energy hence the difference from a faster to a slower marathon

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Clemson questions...

I just have to have a Clemson moment:

5k Return on Investment (ROI)

I ran a 5k race in Phonexville, PA last weekend.
Although the run was primarily a way for me to get HR #'s for base training, I was still eying up my "competition" at the start.

The weather here in PA turned rather cold last week and at the start line that morning it couldn't have been over 45 degrees. Cold!

The race went well for me. It was a small proud, only about 220 participants.
The fist mile in HR = 170. HR at finish = 181. Highest HR = 201.
Time = 21.35

Although this was a bit off of my PR, I was satisfied knowing how long it had been since I had really pushed a 5k!

What was best of all was the prize at the end!
I actually won overall for the women and snagged an awesome hand-made glass bead necklace and $100! Now that's what I call ROI.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One week in: Tri training

Last week was my first "official" week of triathlon training. It was super fun! I love the variety and I think my body likes the variety too. It's great to switch from swimming to biking- both of which have no impact- to runs. It really is a great balance and I think my body will really appreciate the muscle confusion.

My coach is fantastic, really supportive and very enthusiastic. All very good things.
I'm also meeting tons of new people which really adds values to my life.

United States Master Swimming (USMS) has some of the most driven, friendly, fit people ever. I'm always tired by the time I get to practice (7:30pm!) but I always feel refreshed and energized when it's over (9:00pm- so late!).

Bryn Mawr Running Club also has a friendly bunch. They are "A drinking club with a running problem" and they way to get to know the people there is to meet them at the bar after the runs. I don't know how I feel about sucking down a beer after a run on a Wednesday night in the middle of training, but I'm sure it'll happen soon enough.

The biking is going good with the Philadelphia Bike Club. Cyclists are a very chatty group - which is possible thanks to the lower heart rates from spinning. I enjoy spending my weekends racking up the miles with a few friends. It's a great way to catch up and it makes the water ice at the end taste so much better!

Now, if only I could figure out what to do about the whole rowing thing??

Week 1 totals:

Swim: 4 hours
Bike: 4 hours
Run: 3 hours
Row: 4 hours
Other: 1.5 hours
Total training time = 16.30 hours

Feedback from MS 150

This post is a bit overdue, but the ms 150 was awesome! Over 6,000 riders and 5.5 million dollars raised to help fight ms. Now that is what I call a good weekend!
I met a lot of friendly people and heard a lot of great stories.
Rob was waiting for me (and cheering) at the finish line for Day 1 in Ocean City. I was happy to see his face as I headed under the finish line tape. Needless to say, I ate a lot of food and was sleeping by 7:30pm.

Sunday started early, around 6am on the road. Most of the other riders were taking there time, enjoying the free breakfast (it was good) before heading on the road again.
I met up with a few guys who seemed pretty serious and asked if I could tag along (plus they had a headlamp and I didn't! It was still pretty dark at that hour).
They set a great pace around 22 mph and I hung on all the way until the first rest stop- about 11 miles in. I was happy to start the day at that pace and wanted to finish just as strong. After the rest stop, I hopped onto another pace line (only 3 people) and we hung out for the next 50 miles, again averaging 19-21 mph.

Coming home, I rode with an amazing woman and we really pushed each other to average 20mph all the way home. We were the first women home! 75 miles in about 4.5 hours. Fast stuff! I was back in Cherry Hill before 11am! So fast.

Although I had to wait about a week to get on the saddle again, I can't wait to ride another ms tour!