Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 17 = Clarity

I'm back from MIA. I had to take a few days for me.
It may sound odd to hear, but I didn't have the energy/strength/will to even blog.
Pathetic? No. Sad? Yes. Changeable? Absolutely.

Day 17 = Clarity
Why do I want this? What will I gain from reaching my goal?

Clarity is so vital in so many ways.
Have you ever reached a goal only to feel unsatisfied?
Do you feel like you are always reaching for goals- maybe goals that are just beyond your fingertips?
I think that a good healthy dose of clarity helps to put goals, dreams, desires, and other life things into a beautiful perspective. Sometimes you do have to stop and smell the roses, take a deep breath and remember to enjoy the journey.

(Am I giving you a clue as to what I've been up to for the past few days?)

I'm thrilled that things have started to turn around for me and things are looking up.
I'm am well aware of the ebb and flow of life- the ups and downs. Acknowledging the downs allows for a great appreciation of the ups.

Which reminds me- I need more yoga.

(am) EZ spin on the Valley Forge path ~20 miles
(pm) swimming with the GA peeps

Friday, May 1, 2009

Stay Strong

Stay strong.
Whatever that means to you.
That is all.

p.s: Happy May

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 16 = Committed

How was your character yesterday? What did you notice about yourself?

I noticed some things that I don't like about myself too much. Unattractive things. As hard (and humbling) as they are to blog about, I believe it will help me manage them.

First: I talk too much about what I do regarding my training to other athletes. I need to stop this. We all train hard. We are all tired. Why should I let them know my volume and what I do in a week? It's my training program, and I have to deal with it as is. Period. In this way, I can remain the "dark horse" and simply work on my training. Training is a personal thing for me right now and I should treat it as such (unless I'm asked about it of course!)

Second: I think I complain too much. It could be my current situation, but I have been talking a lot of negativity lately. This is hard for me to manage because I'm really good at bitching, and people like to do what they are good at, but I need to just focus and speak of the positive and deal with any negative b-s internally. Other people don't want to hear about it (or they just don't give a shit).

Hmm...I'm already complaining and being negative. Told you it would be hard for me.

Day 16= Committed. It takes commitment to reach your goals and dreams!

Keep on keeping on.
Stay strong.
Be the little engine that might.
It all takes commitment.

Many good things in life (albeit most of them) require commitment.
I'm talking about personal commitment here, not commitments to outside sources or influences- commitment to yourself, your person, what really matters to you.

It takes strength, overcoming fear at times, and going to uncomfortable places. However, when you maintain commitment towards yourself and your goals, how could you ever fail.

Training today (because I feel like I should list it somewhere....don't judge me)
(am) swimming at 'NOVA, about 5600 yards
(pm) 6 mile tempo run through the hills and big houses of Bryn Mawr

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 15 = Character

Sorry for my absence over the past few days.
I do have an excuse for it all. Briefly: my life turned to crappola all last week, my car was nearly totaled thanks to a careless driver who rear-ended me, my tri bike was in my trunk when I was rear ended, people in Philly can be straight up ass holes, I raced my first tri over 2 hrs away, Rob's car died too (sympathy pain?) and things continued to decline for me personally.

That being said: This is a new week, my car is being fixed, my tri bike that was in my car will be included in insurance, I got 2nd place in my age-group (by only 40 seconds!!) and I have a good support system to help me through "rough patches." So, things are looking up.

Day 15 = Character
Show your true colors through your character.

I think attitude has a lot to do with character. Maintaining a constant state of self, being self-aware, and knowing who you are all help to build a strong, stable, confident character.
I'd like to think that I'm fairly consistent with my character (fem. mood swings included) even if my character happens to have some flaws. After all, I'm only human.

Take a look at your character today. Do you like what it has to offer? What about it is special and unique to only you? Is there an aspect you'd like to change or manage differently? What do you find attractive or admirable in the characters of others and how can you emulate that?

Training today:
(am) 1.5 hr bike with Sara (25 miles easy pace)
(pm) track workout with BMRC
I should do abs, like actually do them instead of just writing it here in my blog!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 14 = Beautiful

Savoring was good to focus on. It has been a while since I told my brain to "hey! stop and slow down! What are all of my senses picking up on here?"
It was really nice, albeit difficult. Anyone that knows me knows that me slowing down or being "patient" is asking a lot. However, with some heightened awareness and sensitivity even my hyper-warp speed can be reduced (slightly and if only momentarily).

Day 14 = Beautiful
I am beautiful and today I will appreciate my beauty, both inner and outer.
Cue Christina Augerlia song...

This is really an issue that hits home for me.
As hard as it is to mention, I really really struggle with a poor self image (body image) and it's been a battle my whole life. I'm not sure if this is largely female in nature (thanks US media crrrap) or not, but I know it's been a struggle for me for as long as I can remember.

The funny thing is that I have an identical twin sister- Heidi.
Although Heidi and I share the same DNA (freaky!) she is pretty much my opposite in many ways: From her love of late nights and cigarettes, to loathing workouts and sweat, we have many polar opposites, including body image.

I will put on a pair of pants that fit sung..OK, they are ass-hugging tight. I'll look at myself in the dressing room mirror and refuse to come out. Heidi, with the same pants on, will say "damn these are tight. They make my ass look really good! I mean, I wont be able to sit down or whatever, but damn! look at my ass! Purchase!"

WTF? Why can't I be like that? Why can't I just say "F" you all, I'm getting some tight pants.
I digress.....

That's why its so important to feel beautiful from the inside out. Take note of what makes you beautiful and cherish it. Although you may not like body part x,y,z, I'm sure someone else loves it!

Training today:
Morning with with 'Nova Masters @ 6am - an AWESOME 5100 yards. Kick-ass!
Afternoon 6 miler with BMRC through the hills of Bryn Mawr.
PLYOMETRICS!! And abs abs abs...I need to build my muscle strength here

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 13 = Savor

As a short recap from yesterday...
Consistency is so important.
However, when consistency cannot be maintained, for whatever reason, savor it.
We are only human and growth opportunities can come from many situations and circumstances.
If it's consistency that you crave, do what you can to insure it, but also be mindful to embrace the opportunities inherent in chance when consistency is lost.

Day 13 = Savor
Today, savor with all our senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.
When is the last time you truly savored an experience with all of your senses?
This can even be during a work out today, if you have one planned.
Imagine savoring your body, your ability, and the momentum you create during your workout.
Savor the satisfaction that comes with pushing your body and expanding your mind.

We should all find great satisfaction is savoring with our senses today.

Training today:
45 min spin + 30 mins hot asana yoga (I LOVE this)
1 hour track workout with BMRC @ 6pm (unless it rains! then it will be a 4pm run)
30 mins spinning at home and maybe some ab work

Side experiment I want to share:
I have decided to wear my Heart Rate Monitor (Polar RS300) for a straight 24 hours, just to see what my total energy expenditure is really like over a 24 hour period. I will do this twice, to get an average. Isn't that supposed to make it more scientific?

Current Stats:
22 hours into test #1
Total calories burned = 3240
Current HR = 55

Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 12 = Consistency

Awesome. Consistency. That's a great way to rub in my face that I didn't blog over the weekend! Bad consistency, bad!

Anyhow...Day 12 = Consistency.
Am I staying consistent? How does consistency feel versus randomization?
Which one is preferred?

This word is huge for me.
I need consistency, I crave consistency.
It is something I need to work on and focus on or else I will be too random...not a good thing for training or performance.

Training today:
Light 1 hr. spin
Swimming in the pm!

Results from the race.
Much slower than I wanted to run but 2nd in my age group and 7th female overall.
Ha! I might be becoming a runner.